Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Reunion

In 1994, we moved to the Philippines to teach the children of missionaries.

Students at the school in 1996

Matt along with his fellow students

Ruth giving a book report

And we had lots of fun times with our new friends.

Erin holding Carrie

Carrie, James, Rachel, Charles, & Toby

Carrie and Sarah at age 5.

Sara now lives in Australia, but last month she and her sisters came back to the Philippines for a visit along with Toby the blond boy in the picture with the puppies.

Toby helped make the picnic fun for everyone.

Matt and Erin married and now serving as missionaries here in the Philippines. It was a real pleasure to have a couple hours with my former students. I am pleased to say that they can all read and do math without taking off their shoes to count higher than 10. Thank you, Matt, Erin, Rachel, Ruth, Sarah, and Toby, for taking time to visit us. We really enjoyed seeing you again.

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