Friday, March 26, 2010

Traveling Companions

Travel is rarely a lonely experience here in Manila. Last week we took the light rail train to the other side of town and came back at rush hour. It was a good thing that we got on at the very first stop because we and our fellow travelers completely filled the car. Then at every stop people pushed hard to get in until we were all very compressed.
Can you find James, Heidi, and Carrie in this picture?

We wondered how we were going to get out when we arrived at our stop, but we made it before the door closed and all stood on the platform laughing because it was a close call.

The next day I went hiking down into a squatter area looking for some people who have moved there from our area up north. I was hoping that I would be able to find someone who could help me answer some translation questions I had. I did find the group, but the people there at the time weren't able to help very much. I made arrangements to return when more people would be there.
As I climbed up the side of the canyon and hit the main road I came across a police outpost. The men there were surprised to see a white guy and called me over to visit with them. I had a bit of a chat with them and then they wanted to get a picture with me. I had them take one for me too. It is always nice to enjoy people's company as you travel along.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The 15th is the Deadline

Those of you from the United States are well aware that you need to file your income tax forms by April 15th, but I’m not talking about that deadline. I’m referring to March 15th. March 15th was the day I was supposed turn in something much more important than my income tax papers.

The Isnag draft going through a revision

Bible translation is a long process with many steps. When the translation is very close to being done, it is translated back into English so that the translation consultant can analyze it. We call this version the BT, or Back Translation.

The Finished BT

We have had several other responsibilities, so Heidi and I have had to work hard to get the BT done by the 15th of March. We were very relieved to send the BT to my translation consultant on the afternoon of the 15th. We are thanking the Lord that we were able to accomplish this task.

Some Isnag who live in Manila

During this next month, I will be working on some additional comprehension checking for the translation with a group of Isnag who live in Manila. Then on April 15th, we will start our consultant check. After the consultant check, the portions of Genesis and Exodus should be ready for publishing.

The March Meeting of the School Board

What are some of the other responsibilities? I am on the Board of Trustees for the school for the children of missionaries here in Manila and play a role on the Assessment Committee.

Not Your Normal School Bus

I am also responsible to be an encouragement to our missionaries on Northern Luzon. This involves meeting with them to see what kind of help they might need and sometimes it means doing something to meet a need. Last weekend Heidi and I took some teenagers and their friends to visit their parents who are missionaries in a tribal location. In this picture you see the kids at the end of the road, on a raft crossing a river, ready to make the 3 hour hike to their home in the mountains.

Shopping in the Open Market

Heidi and I also played the role of supply buyer for this missionary family and enjoyed shopping in the public market for good deals. It is a privilege to get to serve the Lord in many ways.