Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Chapel Time

Wednesday is Chapel Day at the local Christian schools.

I'm ready to go.
And the students are ready for missionary stories, artifacts, and pictures that teach Bible truth. One of the things I enjoy about furlough is visiting the local Christian schools. I am encouraged that so much effort is going into giving children a good education and am blessed to have a small part by being the missionary chapel speaker for 4 different groups. I go to a different group each week on a rotating basis.


This past October has been very beautiful. The leaves turned brilliant shades of red and yellow and it didn't rain very much so they stayed on the trees for a long time. Heidi and I enjoyed going on walks when we had opportunity. The two pictures below was taken by Carrie out in the Skokomish Valley.
Sunday the Endicotts of Hoodsport invited us to there home for a time of fellowship. They also took us for a walk in the woods near their house. As you can see, the leaves are not on the trees anymore. During the last days of October, the winter winds blew in and the leaves are falling.

Before we leave October, we must pass on a congratulations to Charles. He is now a licensed driver. He his now scheduled to start school at LeTourneau University in Texas in January. He celebrated his 19th birthday on November 3rd.