Saturday, May 23, 2009


There is only one week of school left for the Bamford children and the end of the year activities continue. This afternoon Thomas is going to a school banquet. Carrie is studying for her final test in Bible class. Every now an then she yells something like, "What was the name of King David's mother's second cousin?" Sounds like it will be a thorough test! James is a at youth group meeting in town.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End of School Year

James, Carrie, and Thomas have only a little over a week of school left before summer vacation and the end of school activities are happening at a rapid pace. A week ago, James and Olivia went to the Junior-Senior banquet together.

This week Carrie played her last soccer game of the season. Her coach said she had made a lot of improvement over the season and was a very dependable defense player. She really worked hard and endured a lot of running in high heat and humidity.

Good job, Carrie!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

All of our children are teenagers now.

Locals here often say, “ Bahala na, = What will be will be.” For example, I don’t have brakes on my car, Let’s go anyway. Bahala na. This phrase is often used for situations where bodily injury is a real possibility.

This past weekend we were van drivers for a school trip to a mini theme park. It was fun to get to know some of the kids’s friends and see one of the local attractions. I had never ridden on a Ferris wheel before, so Heidi and I got in line behind James and some of his friends. When we got up to the counter, we discovered that it was called, The Wheel of Fate. You might call it the wheel of Bahala na. I wondered who named it. Was it the engineer or the mechanic? I wondered why they chose that name. Was it a design flaw, second class materials, or poorly threaded bolts? I guess I will never know.

Heidi enjoying the Wheel of Fate

This has been a week full of events. Besides tempting fate, Thomas, our youngest, turned 13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thomas! He celebrated by spending some time with some of his friends from school.

Charles, survived his first semester at school in Texas and has safely made his way to Oregon to spend the summer with family; an answer to prayer. Good job Charles.

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