Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22

A bit of fun along the way.
A typhoon went through last week and so we didn't get to travel on the road we had hoped to and had to take the longer route. It was a nice drive. In the Philippines you often have to pass through check points, but we found this sign an interesting variation to the normal checkpoint.

Also, Carrie and I were going to take a picture of the van when we noticed our silhouette so we decided to try taking or pictures standing on one leg.

May 22

Packing always takes longer than you hope it will, so we found our selves arriving at our destination at dusk. It was a beautiful sunset and we stopped to get a few pictures. We plan to spend a couple of nights in this mountain town before heading for Manila.

May 22

Finally the day came when packing was completed and it was time to say goodbye to our NTM support team . The Rosviks on the left and the Whitneys on the right of the picture. These two couples have taken very good care of us and enabled us to stay in the village. We really appreciate them and all they are doing to keep the works on N. Luzon going. They are called on to do all kinds of things and we appreciate their willing attitudes. Thanks Team!

Below are the Rosvik's children, Emma and Levi. We really enjoy these little ones. They are a treat to have around. We will miss them.

May 22

We are not the only ones going on furlough. Brian and Amy G. and family are also packing up and going. Brian has been our pilot for most of the time that we have worked in the mountains and has done a great job of supporting us. We can't say enough about how kind SIL mission has been to us.

We were very pleased that Brian and Amy stopped by to say good bye to us on their way to Manila.

May 21

It was a pleasure to be at the support center this week because we had the opportunity to be here to welcome Jason and Jonie M. to the center. Jason is a airplane machanic and with the help of a few others, plans to have both NTM airplanes ready to fly again in the next few months. Thanks for coming Jason! By the way, when I showed up with my hammer, they said they didn't need my help and that it would be best if I just worked on my crates.

May 21

One of the jobs we needed to do this week was get the Genesis portions we have translated and Bible teaching materials we have written published so that we could have them flown into the tribe when the airplane makes a trip in on Friday. It was exciting to see the the materials ready to be put to use. Currently, we have two guys teaching in two different locations.

May 20

When we arrived back at our support center, we got busy packing. We needed to get everything packed up so that it could be shipped to Manila while we are on furlough. This is a picture of our crates. They should be waiting for us in Manila when we arrive back in the Philippines next December.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Choir Trip

May 15th

We didn't have much time at our support center before Heidi and I jumped a bus going south. Charles has been in choir this year and we hadn't had a chance to hear him perform, so when we heard that his group was participating in a concert we made a quick trip to Manila to hear him sing.

The choir sounded great and we enjoyed seeing both Charles and James again. We only had a couple of hours with them because we had to return to the support center the next morning. We have several days of packing and organizing to do.

May 12

The weather wasn't beautiful, but we were get the airplane into our airstrip to take us to a large town up north and then return to our airstrip for our cargo. From the large town in the north, we jumped on a bus and ended up catching up with our cargo at our support center about 6 PM that evening.

Around 200 of our Isnag friends came Sunday night to our going away get together and around 80 came to see us off at the airstrip. The people have been very kind. We have had lots of sad good bye's to say, and are looking forward to transitioning to greetings of friends and family back home.