Tuesday, March 8, 2011

“Do I look unintelligent?” The Fetcher

This sign was not hanging at the school our children attend, but still, as a fetcher, I feel saddened. I do my fair share of fetching and I hate to see my fellow fetchers discriminated against. I am getting lots of practice fetching.

For example, if Carrie stays after school to help with a bake sale, I have to go fetch her when she is done. Would you buy a cookie from this girl?

And, if Thomas has to stay for a tennis game I have to go fetch him too. The only difference between a dog fetcher and me is that someone throws the ball for the dog to fetch. I, in a manner of speaking, throw the kids out and fetch them too. I keep asking myself why.

This sign made me happy.

No more eye doctor appointments. Just look up your age on the chart, if you can see the chart, and then see what grade you need. By the way, the sales person saw me taking a picture of his chart and told me that it didn’t really work that way. While I was in the hardware store looking at a shelf, the sales person came up to me and told me that the shelf was an instrument for putting things on and gave a demonstration. I had a cup hook in my hand, so I said, “You mean that I could put this hook on the shelf like this?” and put my hook on the shelf. The clerk was happy with how quickly I had learned the proper use of a shelf. I am wondering if I look like an unintelligent fetcher.


Doanz said...

THAT was the best thing I have read all week! Hahahaha! Good work, fellow fetcher!

Java with the Johnsons said...

that...very good post. it made me laugh!!!

The Røsviks said...

Just had to post on this cuz it made us laugh out loud. Oh, and yes, we would DEFINITELY buy a cookie from that girl. :-)