Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Cell Phone Pictures

I am glad that my cell phone has a little camera in it so that when I see something I want to ponder I can get a picture to study later.

For example, this is a photo I took in a men’s bathroom. There were three sinks and third one had this sign above it. This is troubling! Who lives here? How much does it cost to rent space in a public bathroom? Where does he sleep? Why doesn’t he share his sink?

At first I was impressed by the lack of safety straps and the mass of wires. When I got home and studied the picture I was impressed by the friendliness of Filipinos. I am thinking, “Don’t fall or electrocute yourself just to wave at me.” Later I became alarmed at the dangerous situation. The wood board the guys is sitting on is connected to a wooden pole that is rotted out.

I think I would have said something if I had noticed when I was taking the picture.

This is a picture of our parner Vicky. She is riding around in luxury while all the rest of us use ordinary cars and trucks. Her cab is loaded with Bible teaching materials and clinic supplies which she has prepared to sent to the village overland. Vicky will gladly trade her motorcycle side car for a helicopter which will allow her to take these kinds of things all the way to the village. We are praying that will be a reality in the near future.