Sunday, May 9, 2010

A bit of news about Thomas

It is hard to believe that our youngest son is going to graduate from 8th grade in a few weeks and become a high school student. Thomas enjoys school and has been very busy lately. Last week he had a display in the science fair and a school retreat.

He also turned 14. Happy Birthday! Thomas!
For his birthday we took him to a local swimming pool. One of the treats he enjoyed that day was a halo-halo. Below is a picture of James standing near a giant halo-halo.
Halo-halos are canned milk on shaved ice with lots of extra goodies like jello bits, beans, and oat flakes. Below is a close up. The purple lump in the background is something like sweet potato ice cream. Yum yum! or maybe I should say Yam yam.
It has been very hot here. Extremely hot. We are melting! It is hot enough to make you wish you could go to the store and buy halo-halo every day. For the most part we practice self control. Lord willing, we will head for the USA next month. We will miss bean ice cream, but will probably be able to adjust to chocolate or strawberry if we are able to adjust to the sub 90 degree weather they have there.