Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Plans Change but Things Still Happen.

I had planned to fly to our Isnag village last week, but the pilot was not able to get the necessary license in time so the helicopter had to stay on the ground. With the trip to the village postponed, I decided to make a trip to our newest mission outreach and see how the Christina and the Talbots were doing. Here is an update on my trip.

The trip started out with a ride in a very crowded van.

But we were not as crowded as some vehicles we saw along the way.

The second leg of the trip was in a small red truck.

I finished the trip with a beautiful 2 hour hike to the small village where Christina Canapp and the Chuck and Shannon Talbot are working.

I found the team hard at work learning the Ga’dang language. At first I thought that Chuck was trying to learn about panhandling, but as I listened to the lesson I found out that he was trying to learn how to say, “this” and “that.” Actually it is a bit more complicated that that. In Ga’dang he has to learn this near me, that near you, that not near either of us, that sort of far away, that very far away, and that in past time. Good luck, Chuck! The Lord has provided Chuck, Shannon, and Christina with great language helpers.

Christina is working hard on language too. After her language session she took me on a village tour. It was great to see how the NTM team is making good relationships in the village and how eager the people there are to teach them their language.

Even Jenna has a language helper!

I was hoping that I could be an encouragement to the team, but instead they were an encouragement to me. It was great to see them doing so well.

My trip home was the reverse of my trip in except that instead of riding in a little red truck I rode on the back of a flatbed truck all the way to town.

I arrived home safely and am planning my next attempt to go to our Isnag village in two weeks.

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The Røsviks said...

So neat to see their team in action and that you could all be an encouragement to each other! Loved seeing the pictures. Hope you are able to get into your village as planned in two weeks!