Friday, March 26, 2010

Traveling Companions

Travel is rarely a lonely experience here in Manila. Last week we took the light rail train to the other side of town and came back at rush hour. It was a good thing that we got on at the very first stop because we and our fellow travelers completely filled the car. Then at every stop people pushed hard to get in until we were all very compressed.
Can you find James, Heidi, and Carrie in this picture?

We wondered how we were going to get out when we arrived at our stop, but we made it before the door closed and all stood on the platform laughing because it was a close call.

The next day I went hiking down into a squatter area looking for some people who have moved there from our area up north. I was hoping that I would be able to find someone who could help me answer some translation questions I had. I did find the group, but the people there at the time weren't able to help very much. I made arrangements to return when more people would be there.
As I climbed up the side of the canyon and hit the main road I came across a police outpost. The men there were surprised to see a white guy and called me over to visit with them. I had a bit of a chat with them and then they wanted to get a picture with me. I had them take one for me too. It is always nice to enjoy people's company as you travel along.

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