Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Announcement

After the Bible Teaching, Madian, the lady in the blue dress, asked if it was ok for her to believe and still be a shaman. Malana, the Isnag Bible teacher, told her that she could not do that because what the shaman does is from Satan. Then Madian said, "All you people here, do not come to me any more. From this time on I am stopping my work as a shaman because I am believer in God!"

Please be praying for Madian so that she will be able to withstand the pressure from those who would try to force her back to her old work.

Pray that Madian will grow in her love for the Lord and her understanding of the Gospel.
Pray that the Isnag Bible teachers will be faithful to keep teaching God's Word.
Pray that many more Isnag will make the same kind of decision that Madian has.


Alaska Mom said...

Praise God!!!

The B's said...

What wonderful news! We're praying for Madian and for more people to come to Jesus. Thanks for the happy announcement!

Thinking of you all and praying for you.

♥ The Brownings