Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Christmas Time In The City!

Christmas time in the Philippines means Christmas carol time for the children.

Singing Christmas carols is not really the focus. It is much more like trick or treating than caroling except that it goes on for several weeks. The kids start banging on the door in November and we have to tell them it isn't time to start "caroling" yet.

In December we relent and from then until after Christmas the evenings are spent standing at the door handing out candy. The kids usually yell, "Mamasko" or sing a little song in Tagalog which says that Christmas is near and that mom and dad are getting ready for Christmas and it is time for Christmas treats.
For the most part we do enjoy seeing all the kids and having a chance to show them some kindness. We gave away around 1,500 pieces of candy.

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