Sunday, January 10, 2010

Annual Conference 2010

Conference was a busy time for us because Heidi was in charge of the nursery up to age 3 program and Jonathan was involved in meeting with ministry teams. The toddler program is a challenge because many of these children live in villages with their families and are not used to being dropped off for play time. Heidi works very hard to transfer a bare room into a happy place with fun toys and nice decorations. You should have seen how much stuff we packed in the van!

Katrina, our visitor from Florida, was a big help. She even got a free ear check from Dr. Neo.

Jonathan came in once a day to do the Bible story time.

It's always nice to have a captivated audience.

This year Thomas asked to be baptized to show that he trusts that Jesus death on the cross paid for his sins and that he desires that the Holy Spirit be in control of his life.

We are thankful for the spiritual growth we see in Thomas's life.
The kids also enjoyed some soccer game, but I'll post those photos on Facebook.

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homefront said...

Wonderful pictures!! Thank you.
And what precious baptism pictures. God is so Good!