Thursday, March 5, 2009

Trip North #3

Once I had my boots on, I was ready to go back to our village in the mountains. Pictured with me is Steve, our current pilot. We had a good visit as we headed north.

The cloud cover kept us at a high altitude until we were over the airstrip. Steve took a few loops around the pattern to get us low enough to make our approach. We don’t usually come so high, so I was busy taking pictures of the village.

The people were glad to see me and made me feel welcome. It wasn’t too long before I was asked to repair a machete and fix a radio. They had a small harvest last year due to bad weather during harvest season; yet, in spite of that, several people have come by to give me rice to eat while I’m here.

I have been getting in lots of time with my translation helper. In this picture he is going over corrections I had for a chapter in Genesis. Last night I went to a meeting in which several men were preparing to teach this Sunday’s lesson. It was gratifying to see these guys growing spiritually and to see them using some of the Bible portions I have already translated. It sounds like they will be starting an outreach to a village downstream in the near future. That is great news!


Jonathan said...

Great blog, Jonathan. I'm glad to see the pictures and hear the news. I love you!

Jonathan said...

Actually, Heidi is the one who posted the previous comment. It sounds weird to say Jonathan said that.

Jonathan said...

Daddy!!!!!! where is my picture of Lorraine?????? :] I miss you tons and can't wait to see you soon :-) Love you