Friday, March 27, 2009

Building in progress

Life in the village has been tense lately. Down stream a cycle of revenge killing and ambushes is ongoing. The folks from our village have to pass through danger zones on their way to town. We would appreciate your prayers for their safety.

This is a friend of mine named Rigo. He is a good carpenter. On the day I took his picture he was involved in helping a neighbor build his house. Lately he has been involved in building something even better.

In the village, an exciting thing is happening. A group of men have joined together in leading the believers in a weekly Bible study. Rigo is one of them. They meet with our partners, Vicky and Robbie, who help them go over the coming lesson, then they practice on their own, and present the lesson on Sunday.

As great as that news is there is even better news. This group of men decided a few weeks ago that a village downstream needs the Gospel. Recently they gained permission from that village’s officials and have started teaching there too. We are thankful for Rigo and his companions and for the sacrifices they are making. It is a privilege for us to see the Scriptures we have translated being put to good use. It encourages us to press on.


homefront said...

What amazing and fantastic news. Even amid the very real dangers of personal safety issues, Rigo and friends are going out to share God's good news. That encourages me so much. Only God could give that courage and freedom to a man. How encouraged we all are, who read your blog, to know that God goes before you and is involved in all you are accomplishing there.
I know you are the last to focus any attention on yourselves, but isn't it so neat to know that the work you have been laboring in, will continue for eternity!!! WOW!
Thank you for sharing these amazing photos and stories! We pray God's rich blessings and protection for you all too. We know you are so blessed to have your kids there with you. And we pray for Charles too. How's he doing? Much love, the Haapalas

Michele said...

I couldn't say it any better than the Haapalas, so I'll say, "Amen!"

We are praying for you all, too. Thank you for YOUR sacrifices ~ blessings to your family and extended family in Christ.

the Brownings

Lady Farmer said...

Michele and Jamie said it all! Please know that we are praying for you and your work there and right now especially for safety for those traveling into town. What a frightening thing.
And Jonathan, Dick says it takes a real man to do springtime decorating, work, and arrange his hunting paraphanalia all the while not getting a single wrinkle in his lovely floral apron! (teehee)
But really, he did borrow my rotary cutter and mat (used for cutting fabric for sewing) after watching Eleanor Burns Quilting with me the other day! He was cutting up an old T-shirt for gun cleaning patches. Who knows~maybe there is a quilt in the making. He never ceases to amaze me! :~O
Blessings on you, dear friends!
The Dodges

Roo and Wren's Mama said...

Such good news - thanks for keeping us all updated on the amazing work that God is doing in the village and beyond! I'm reminded of Is 55:10-11.
love and prayers from Japan

Alaska Mom said...

Praising God with you, for His amazing faithfulness!!!

Bill, Robin and kids