Monday, February 17, 2014

People and Snacks

One of the great things about community development projects is that they give you a chance to work with men who you might not see otherwise.  Maybe they live far from you or maybe they are not interested in what you are teaching, but because there is an opportunity to earn money they come and you have a chance to build relationships.

Most days I had between 30 and 50 workers.  It was a great time to strengthen old relationships and build new ones.  These guys worked hard and needed a good solid morning and afternoon snack.  In the village we can’t order pizza, so Heidi took on the responsibility of providing food.

Fortunately Heidi had help.  Arcely really uses her head when it comes to feeding people and with her help everything came together. 

She sent men to get coconuts to make coconut oil

Coconut oil and sticky rice were used to make a variety of sticky rice treats.

Once the snacks arrived on the work site, they didn't last long.

The afternoon snack was usually served under our house

Thank you Heidi for all the hard work you and Arcely did!  It was appreciated by all.

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The B's said...

You guys really know how to throw a party! And I love the photography here; great pictures of beautiful people!