Saturday, July 10, 2010

James's News

Congratulations to James and the class of 2010

We are very proud of James and his accomplishments during his high school years at Faith Academy. He enjoyed playing soccer and rugby and spent a lot of time working with Mr. French, his art teacher. During his last year, James took a college level art course. Below is one of his paintings.
Our main purpose in returning to the United States for the summer was to get James settled. He had hoped to go to College of the Ozarks to study art, but that college has a full enrollment and he is on a very long waiting list. We are thankful that God has blessed him with a great Plan B. Last week he moved to Oregon. Someone donated a van for him to use, he got a job at Fred Meyer, he has a place to stay, and he was accepted as a resident student at Portland Community College. He is also blessed to have some of his friends from Faith Academy, Manila living near him.
Charles is currently living in Idaho and working a manufacturing job. He had a long weekend so he flew up to spend the weekend with us. We haven't gotten the whole family together in one place for a photo in a long time, so when we went down to Oregon to celebrate James's 18th birthday, we had one taken.

Some people say we haven't changed, but I think they must be kidding. This is what our family looked like just before our first time on home assignment in 1998.


Lady Farmer said...

Yes! Congratulations to James on his graduation!
WOW! (I'm going to be saying that alot on this comment!) What an amazing talent James has in art! I love the painting you show! I bet he could sell some of his work at a local street market there in Portland ~ there are some artsy people there! Wow! Extra cash!
WOW! WOW! WOW! I cannot believe that is Charles! I would not have known him if I talked to him on the street! All grown up! How is that happening when I am not getting any older (except the getting fat, puffy feet or dropsy?, and L'oreal is my best friend hair color!)
But, WOW! Jonathan ~ you and Heidi have not changed at all. That's a good thing!
Thank you for the wonderful time of fellowship with your family and the Haapala's and Brownings! We had so much fun! Let's do it again! (In 2 years?)

Anonymous said...

We loved looking at the picture of your family now and then. Wow - I do believe you have changed. We think of you often and will be praying for you as you leave two behind. Your family is growing up, that is for sure. Paul and Ernie