Friday, April 23, 2010

Consultant check

I am thanking God that all the details for my week of translation checking worked out. Ginny, my translation consultant, came from the United States, Vicky, our co-worker in the Isnag work, came from our support center 4 hours south of here. I came from Manila, and Pearly, Romilyn, and Florence, my Isnag language helpers came from our village.

They all met me in a city in Northern Luzon where we have worked for a week checking over the 33 chapters I have translated. The check went very well and it won't take too long before I'll be able to start publishing them for the Southern Isnag to use.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed.

At one point we did have a big concern come up. I didn't know it, but on one day during the week we were translation checking, the government had a program for people to get set up with an ATM card. The ladies who were working with me wanted to run down to the place during their lunch break and get their cards. When I arrived there I was surprised to see so many of my Isnag friends. I know almost everyone in this picture.

It was very enjoyable to spend an hour visiting with them while the language helpers collected their cards.

(The "bus" taking our friends back to the mountains)
Our co-villagers headed home and we headed back to work. The next day we received a urgent message saying that one of the guys hadn't returned home and was likely lost in the "big" city we were in. Could I please help. We did do some checking with the police, but fortunately our prayers were answered and the fellow turned up safe and sound. He had gotten off the bus early to stop by and visit a distant relative. On other days the power went out and other things happened too, but we were able to press on and finish the translation check a day early.

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Zoe said...

Never a dull moment! It sounds like life in Manila is always busy and maybe a little unpredictable?
Good to hear that the translating work is going so well. We hope to see you this summer!