Thursday, July 16, 2009

July Trip

Last Monday, James, Carrie, and Thomas packed their bags and headed off for a week at Bible camp a few hours south of Manila. They were excited to go and Heidi and I were excited too, because we had been planning our own trip.

After they were safely on the bus heading south, we got in our van and headed north. It wasn't long before were enjoying seeing beautiful northern Luzon again. The mountains, ricefields, and fruit stands were a joy to see after many months of living in the city.
Wow! Fresh pineapple only 3 for a dollar!

We were in our way to visit our newest ministry team on the island. Christina, the Petersons, and the Talbots are living in a small town up north while in the process of building houses in a village where, after learning the local language, they plan to teach Bible truth. We had some supplies for them and Heidi planned to help with canning meat for them to use in the village as refrigeration is still not possible there.
This is a picture of the canning process beginning.

And this is a picture of the final product. The ladies turned out 47 pints in one day. Good Job Ladies! I worked downstairs helping with getting window screen frames built. We really enjoyed our trip up to visit this new team and the time we were able to spend with their children.

This is taken in Christina's livingroom. She has the roof top suite in the building she shares with her landlord and partners.

Erik and Dana Peterson

Chuck and Shannon Talbot with their sweet Sophia.


Roo and Wren's Mama said...

What lucky friends you have... I'm sure that all your help was such a blessing to them. Heidi, 47 pints of canned meat is quite an accomplishment for one day! I can't imagine what hot kitchen work that must have been on a summer day! And pineapples 3 for a dollar - I'm jealous! :)
Love all the pictures.

Markus and Sarah said...

Wow, what a fun trip that must have been!!! I know you guys were such a blessing to the team, and I'm sure it was fun for you to be up north in the fresh air again.:-)

homefront said...

Last Sunday Duane and Nadine Howe were speaking at FBF in Hoodsport. Duane shook his finger at us and said, "Don't you ever feel sorry for missionaries. They have the best life" (and the best friends) Your pictures and words are surely evidence of that! May God bless you all mightily as you carry on there! Thank you for the wonderful pictures and stories!!