Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End of School Year

James, Carrie, and Thomas have only a little over a week of school left before summer vacation and the end of school activities are happening at a rapid pace. A week ago, James and Olivia went to the Junior-Senior banquet together.

This week Carrie played her last soccer game of the season. Her coach said she had made a lot of improvement over the season and was a very dependable defense player. She really worked hard and endured a lot of running in high heat and humidity.

Good job, Carrie!!


Michele said...

Yippee! Summer! Very sweet picture of James and Olivia. And go, Carrie!

Ann said...

Excellent, Carrie. I'm delighted to hear you're on your school's team, doing so well, AND enjoying it. The defender position is under rated. It takes great endurance, perceptiveness, and skill to keep that ball out of the goal. Congratulations! I can't remember if you ever played at CCS or not--at recess, I mean.

Mrs. Ewan