Saturday, February 14, 2009


I took this picture while stuck in traffic.

Travel here can be very interesting and sometimes down right exciting. Last week I had to make a trip north to get paperwork done on our motorcycle and van. I traveled much of the trip by myself and that isn’t very exciting, but it was profitable because I was able to track down a long lost registration paper and get the papers up to date. I was also able to stop and visit several of our Ilokano friends and see some of our missionary friends.

Here are a couple shots of friends I visited along the way.

This past Friday, Heidi and I had an appointment across the city. We decided to take the light rail because we thought it would be faster than driving and probably wouldn’t be crowded in the middle of the day. Wrong! Oh well, it is exciting to travel in a group. You are all standing on the platform and the train rushes in just inches from where you are standing on the edge of the platform. If one person in the crowd nudged, the whole group would be over the edge like a bunch of lemmings. The train stops, the doors slide open, and the cars are just packed inside but somehow all of us on the platform manage to squeeze in. You hear about close fellowship, but here you get to try it.

As the train pulled out, an announcer reminded passengers to hold on so they wouldn’t fall down. I said to the guy jammed up under my left armpit, “There is no way we could possibly fall down.” He replied, “Too tight, Gasp!” or something like that. Some people just don’t appreciate close fellowship.
My new cell phone takes pictures, so I amused my self between stops. At stops it is fun to see how many more can squeeze in and if people wanting to get out will be able to make it through the crowd before the doors shut. (The arms in the picture are not Heidi's. They belong to other people. Ha, ha.)

Our meeting was with the brave man who volunteered to be our Tagalog teacher back in 1995. We really appreciated Henry and his wife, Cora. They are now involved in training church leadership and offer Bible school training classes in local church settings. It was fun to get to visit with them again.


Christina said...

Hey guys! I must confess that I shamelessly used you all in my blog. Thanks for your great example. Look forward to catching up soon!

Markus and Sarah said...

I'm really glad you clarified that those weren't all Heidi's arms on the LRT... :-) Glad you guys are back online and I'm sure we'll be in for some more fun blog posts now that Jonathan's got his cool new cell phone camera to capture the crazy and random things he comes across in the big city.

Sharon said...

Thanks for letting us go along on your trips. Always interesting.