Wednesday, December 24, 2008


One of the first pictures I took upon arriving in the United States was of a huckleberry. So, it seems fitting that one of my last pictures before leaving for the Philippines should be of a huckleberry. It looks like James is starting to think about green things. The kids missed their last three days of school due to snow, but we finally convinced a janitor to let the kids turn in their school books and get their projects out of the school.


Michele said...

I really like those pictures of the huckleberries and the painting that James is holding! Is he the artist? Smashing!

Anonymous said...

James, did you really paint that? It is amazing! It looks as if it is not in the picture, but out in front of it. And you look so nonchalant.

Ron and Sue Russell said...

I love the pictures also, especially the huckleberries!! James, you are quite the artist.