Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Chapel Time

Wednesday is Chapel Day at the local Christian schools.

I'm ready to go.
And the students are ready for missionary stories, artifacts, and pictures that teach Bible truth. One of the things I enjoy about furlough is visiting the local Christian schools. I am encouraged that so much effort is going into giving children a good education and am blessed to have a small part by being the missionary chapel speaker for 4 different groups. I go to a different group each week on a rotating basis.


Roo's Mama said...

We love reading your blog updates!! It is so fun to follow your furlough adventures... I'm sure time is just speeding by for you - thanks for taking the time to blog and share family news.
love, Zoe

Michele said...

Ah! I remember chapel well! How exciting to find your blog! Thank you for visiting ours, and we are also looking forward to seeing your family soon!