Monday, September 29, 2008

Anna Arrives

In mid September, our niece, Anna (on the left), from Alaska stopped in to visit us for a few days. We enjoyed having her with us and taking her around to visit friends and family. Above on the left is Lucy Endicott. Lucy is a cousin on Anna's father's side. She is also a distant cousin of mine. She is my wife's sister's husband's, cousin's daughter. You can't get much closer than that.
Anna's cousins on the Loertcher side include Emily and Charles. These three are were all born the same year. Below is another "cousins" picture. The younger girls are Heidi's sister Sara's children, Lola and Lily.
Our travels with Anna took us to Emily's house in Shelton for a tea party. I, have never attended a tea party before and may never be invited to one again, but I did enjoy the company and it was a treat to see Emily and Don's children. Pictured are Anna, Lucy, Carrie, Emily, and Sheryl.

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