Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oregon Trips

We have made several trips to Oregon during the past few weeks. Last week we stopped by Oregon city to see some of our family there and were blessed to see Jenny, a "long lost" cousin from Bend, Oregon with her husband and two children.
Then it was on to Hillside, Oregon.
This church was build by my great grandfather and is full of Bamfords. We enjoyed spending time with family there. After church we went down to my Dad and Martha's place for lunch and table games.
The following weekend was a trip to Portland to see our friends, Mark and Letta. Mark and Letta served with us in the Philippines for many years and so it was a joy to get to spend a few hours with them.Mark and Letta took us to a mall for lunch. It happened that the mall had been invaded by aliens of all types. Fortunately they didn't seem to want to abduct anyone and they all spoke English. The fellow below was handing out plastic aliens. In reality the aliens were all part of a big Japanese comic book show going on in the area. I noted, that Letta does talk to strangers and I can only attribute that to prolonged exposure to downtown Portland.

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