Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Regarding Canada

Wednesday morning we prepared to visit a forest park near the Harada's house. One of the necessary preparations was braiding Grace's hair. It seems to me you can tell if the braids are tight enough by watching the lips.

After loosening the braids a bit we started off. The Canadians are going to be hosting some Olympic games in the future, and James would like to introduce the little known sport of stump diving. I doubt if it will be popular. The younger boys tried it and decided that the catapult was a lot more fun.

Speaking of competition, Thomas had his big moment in the spotlight on the North Vancouver waterfront. They were having a family fun time and diabolo tops were provided for the crowd to try. The only problem was that no one seemed to know how to use them. Last year when Thomas was missing his brothers, he would often go out and spin the diabolo top in our front yard. All those hours of practice paid off. He was asked to preform in front of the crowd and did a great job.

Last year a Canadian couple let us stay in their home in Manila for a few days. In the cupboard they had a can of Tim Horton's coffee. When we questioned about it, we learned that T.H's is a popular doughnut and coffee shop all across Canada. After learning that, no trip to Canada could possibly be complete without a visit to T. H's, so on our final day in Canada we went out to breakfast with the Harada family at T. H's. It was Geff's birthday. Happy Birthday! Geff.

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